Watchmaking Atelier

Located in the heart of Vaduz, the Huber Watchmaking Atelier is a peaceful place, a place where time is permitted to stop and gather new strength. Second by second, we reliably repair and restore the fascinating engine of life which we call time.

Mechanical watches are coveted objects. The trend towards craftsmanship remains unbroken. With its four expertly trained watchmakers, the Huber Watchmaking Atelier offers services which do complete justice to even the most prestigious of brand name timepieces.

Hansjörg Roshard heads the Huber Watchmaking Atelier. His advice: Take the watch you wear each day to the Watchmaking Atelier for a little service once a year. Mechanical watches should receive a major service every four to six years. External cleaning is relatively fast and inexpensive at the professional Watchmaking Atelier, and considerably enhances the pleasure you can derive from your beautiful timepiece.

Contact us. We’ll take good care of your watch.