1. Where can I buy a brand name watch and be sure that it’s not a fake?

We constantly have to tell our customers about the true value of holiday or Internet purchases. Unfortunately, the trade in fake brand name watches is currently booming more than ever. So please heed these points:

  • Only buy your dream watch from an authorised dealer. Only he or she can guarantee that you have bought a genuine brand name watch.
  • Always ask for a fully completed warranty certificate indicating the watch reference number. High-quality luxury watches should also feature an engraved number (i.e. a case or serial number). The dealer stamp and date of purchase must always be clearly indicated.

2. How do I clean my watch?

If you wish to clean your watch at home please take care when using modern ultrasound cleaning devices. Only put the band, strap or bracelet, never the whole watch, into the ultrasound cleaner. Ultrasound generates high vibration. This can cause the lubricants in the case to spread or disperse, causing damage to the watch. Otherwise clean your watch with a damp cloth or take it to the Huber Watchmaking Atelier! Use lukewarm water, a soft cloth and a mild soap at regular intervals to clean waterproof watches which are often immersed in salt water.

3. What’s the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer?

  • Based to a literal translation from Greek, “chronograph” means “time-writer”. So today’s chronographs simply display a period of time. In other words, a chronograph is simply a stopwatch.
  • Chronometers are watches which run with extreme accuracy. Rigorously tested under established conditions, they have to meet certain requirements regarding their precision of movement in order to be called genuine “chronometers”.

4. What does “water resistant” actually mean?

Obviously, it’s a good idea to know how water resistant your wristwatch is before you wear it under the shower or in the swimming pool. Some watches are only protected against splashes. Some you can wear when you go swimming, while others meet the requirements of professional diving. Here we explain the differences.

Water resistant

According to German Industry Standard DIN 8310, watches may be described as being “water resistant” if they can withstand perspiration, splashes and rain and remain watertight for at least 30 minutes when immersed in a metre of water. Such watches can be worn when you wash your hands.

Water resistant to 50 or 100 metres

If the words “Water Resistant 50 M (5 bar)” are indicated on the bottom of your watch case, this means that the watchmaker has designed your timepiece so that it can be worn when you go swimming or diving in shallow waters. These watches are not suitable for serious dives at greater depths or when breathing apparatus is required. The same applies to “Water Resistant 100 M (10 bar)” watches which are not defined as diver’s watches.

Diver’s watches

Under the provisions of DIN 8306, certain conditions must be met in order for a timepiece to be designated a diver’s watch:

  • Absolute watertightness.
  • Excellent readability (the actual time, selected dive time and the functioning of the watch must be visible at a glance from a distance of 25 cm, even in darkness).
  • The diver must be able to pre-select a period of time (e.g. through the use of a rotary ring which can only be set in one direction).

Testing water resistance

Extreme fluctuations in temperature, chemicals or other external conditions corrode the sealing materials of a watch and will eventually impair the degree of water resistance. There’s no simple way to establish precisely how long a water resistant watch will remain watertight. If you really wish to keep your watch water resistant over a long period of time you should take it in for a service at regular intervals – at least once a year. An annual service is mandatory in the case of professional divers.

5. Any more questions?

We’re passionate about watches – so we’re here to help you with any questions you may have. Simply drop in to one of our stores, call us or send us an e-mail, and we’ll respond without delay.