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A place of skin-tingling pleasure

20. November 2019 | Lifestyle

This is an address to remember: Städtle 3 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Here, life wonderfully revolves around rest, relaxation and beauty. We tried it out.

The World of Beauty: where beauty is a precious jewel

Even if you went into the World of Beauty with your eyes closed, you would immediately recognise where you are. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed by the subtle scent of carefully selected creams and lotions and the sound of atmospheric music. And when you open your eyes, you will not be disappointed either: the room is filled with light, glittering and sparkling. The furnishings fade into the background, ensuring that the real stars of the show are under the spotlight. Here you can pick up skincare products from luxury cosmetics brands such as Cell Premium, La Colline, La Mer, La Prairie, Lavinie and Niance®.

Tempting – and responsible

But here is the best part: you do not have to buy the products right away; you can get to know them first – with one of the 18 skincare treatments that the World of Beauty offers at very reasonable prices. Relaxation, beauty, luxury, time out – the treatment menu sounds so tempting that you would like to book everything right away, starting with the Luxury Treatment (deep-pore cleansing, relaxation and premium products), moving on to the Business Treatment (a refreshing lunch break treatment) and then finishing with one of the rejuvenation treatments (for ecstatically happy skin). This time, we have decided to limit ourselves to just one treatment – but one that is unparalleled in the region: the Cell Premium Treatment with geneO+ Rejuvenation. The name sounds complicated, but do not let that deter you. It is the result that counts – and you will not be disappointed. But more about that later. The first step is filling in a medical questionnaire, because the World of Beauty’s responsible approach to beauty also involves taking health aspects into account. This is why every guest is asked to provide information about any allergies, illnesses, etc., they may have.

World of Beauty

Possible side effects: deep relaxation

Nadine Huber and Jeannette Kuster are the two members of the six-person team who are dedicated primarily to the well-being of the guests from the region. The experienced pair are based in Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley and have been working together at five-star level for some years now – at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. If you want to step into the shoes of Roger Federer, Roberto Cavalli, real princesses or even a sheikh for a day, sit back and let the experts guide you into deep relaxation. Both are qualified cosmeticians – Nadine Huber is trained in the field of medical cosmetics, and Jeannette Kuster’s field of expertise is medical foot care.

Staff at the World of Beauty
World of Beauty

A happy reflection

We love having time. However, time does not always pass us by without leaving a trace. But maybe we should not want it to. In any case, it is wonderful when you can look into the mirror and like what you see. The Cell Premium Treatment we have selected makes you feel that joy: the seven-step programme pampers your skin with deep heat, revealing visibly radiant skin and tightening its collagen fibres.

geneO+ is the name of the magical device used for this exclusive treatment, which involves a process that helps nutrients and vitamins penetrate deeply into the skin. As it uses radio frequency technology and ultrasound, it is comfortable and painless. The positive effect is noticeable right from the very first treatment: the skin has a rosy glow. Upon request, Nadine Huber applies make-up after the treatment. “But actually it would be a shame to cover up such a healthy glow,” she says. So we opt to take her advice and skip the make-up, enjoying our skin’s radiant appearance. Is there a better way to prepare for bumping into your favourite person when you head outside?

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