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Vacheron Constantin

“Do better if possible – which is always possible.” François Constantin coined this phrase on 5 July 1819. Now legendary, it represents the philosophy of Vacheron Constantin in a nutshell. In the course of centuries, the manufacturer has perfected the interplay of tradition and innovation.


It has achieved a blend of technical, aesthetic, artistic and individual talents and thus shaped a singular vision of time. Be it as conqueror of the skies or as faithful travel companion, a watch by Vacheron Constantin will meet every challenge because it has been created with a passion for superbly executed craftsmanship.

Vacheron Constantin specialises on limited editions as this is the only way to ensure the highest levels of quality, design and expertise.


The best of the best

Time is life. Special watches not only underline our own personality, they also create an awareness of the preciousness of our existence.

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