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Many of today’s products are superior to their predecessors. Technology has moved on, and various patents enable the fulfilment of complex demands. Cars, architecture and computers head this list. When it comes to watches, however, we have a different opinion. Classics and rare items are characterised by a timeless design. Even if a touch of nostalgia resonates, it is actually the glamour of time gone by that intrigues watch aficionados. We keep ticking treasures from all over the world and from every decade at the vintage lounge. Here, we showcase more than 50 selected timepieces that make the hearts of watch-lovers beat faster.

This place is the stuff of dreams for watch-lovers: exquisite furniture, dark wood and vintage watches taking pride of place, showcased with love and attention to detail. Marvel at our vintage watches; you might learn something about their story or even become part of it.
The best watchmakers make sure that our vintage watches remain in mint condition, both technically and visually. We strive to maintain the exquisiteness and beauty of watches that were created a long time ago. That is why our vintage watches are refurbished by our experienced watchmakers and then stored with care so that they might win the hearts of watch-lovers for many years  to come.

To the Huber vintage lounge

The new Huber vintage spot
Huber vintage spot


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